Transpose chords

Insert here the song or the chords themselves::


Copy of the window on the left, lyrics with chords or chords themselves. Then press + to increase the pitch a semitone, or - to decrease. Pressing raises or lowers the tone already on a tone from the original version. So you can see all the possible variants, and choose the most suitable. The result will be displayed in place of the text.

Instruction : use this service transpose chords online is very simple. If you already have the lyrics, which are arranged in tabs, just insert the text in the box on the left, and click the + button to transpose chords a semitone up or - button to transpose chords a half step down. Additional press leads to transposition is the tone, both up and down. Thus, we can choose the optimal combination of chords and tones. The service automatically detects all the chords in the introduction of the text and transposes them to the required number of steps up or down. That is, the window on the left can be inserted as a test of songs with chords, and chords themselves. Of all the wishes and bugs in the service, you can write to e-mail, we will welcome any constructive criticism. This service is provided absolutely free of charge.

Nice use.

Русская версия: Транспонирование аккордов